South African tourism minister: We're focused on domestic travel

South Africa is looking ahead to September to bring visitors back, once the winter season winds down. Tourism Minister Mmamoloko Kubayi-Ngubane says recovery efforts start with “domestic activities, then move to regional, and then into [the] international front.”



  1. This woman can't hear ; Germany and France consider South Africa as highly highly risking ; so it means there no tourist fore South Africa any more. The woman don't understand the message.

  2. Her party has ruined the wine, tobacco and tourism industry, is responsibible for an extra 3million jobs lost (!!!) and SHE came up with a 'solution' for the tourism industry. MAKE A WEBSITE AND SELL SOUVENIRS ONLINE !! The stupidity of those comRATS is mind boggling and a complete disaster for 57 MILLION people. Funds do 'fight covid' are being stolen through rampant corruption, bootlegging and illegal ciragette trade is really BOOMING and costing the SA gvt millions of rands per DAY in lost tax revenue. I could go on and on, but that's the gist. NO morals, No sense and no empathy for the voters. That's SA in a nutshell.

  3. Tourism has shutdown, 1,3 million people out of Jobs, 250 thousand bed nights closed, She has no Clue an absolute embarrassment to our Tourism industry. Domestic Tourism there is no plan to re-engage with industry SA Tourism published inclusion of Domestic Leisure tourism then retracted within a week not justifying the fact.

  4. Please Richard investigate the corruption during pandemic in South Africa..we need you to expose what's happening can email me and I will give you the entire's not about the Pandemic here is about turning us into a Marxist state and destroying the middle class

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