SOUTH AFRICA, ZIMBABWE & ZAMBIA Travel VLOG || Summer time 2016

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This summertime my family and I took the most incredible journey with G Adventures to South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia. And of program, what superior way to keep in mind it than by vlogging it?! We were absent for 17 days, and took 9 airplane rides. On our way about, we experienced a 9 hour layover in London the place we were ready to go on a tour of the point out rooms in Buckingham Palace. There were 18 men and women on our tour inlcuding the 4 of us, our new pal Alex and his grandparents, and Clare. We observed so many incredible factors, from landmarks to wildlife, and we were ready to embrace the lifestyle and the food items, and anything exclusive to Africa. It was these kinds of an eye opening journey and I would 100% go back in a heartbeat. Also I would like to mention that this was actually hard to make for the reason that anything likes to be actually problematic, specifically the tunes, which I experienced to change a number of instances for the reason that of copyright. So, this is sort of the knockoff edition for the reason that the initial was superior BYEEEEE thanks for seeing!

AFRICA IN Figures:

Days Gone: 17
Nations around the world Visited: 4 (such as Uk)
People ON THE TOUR: 18
People in america: 4
Hours Used ON THE BUS: Too many
Video game DRIVES: 2
Video game WALKS: 2
Instances WE ATE BREAKFAST Later on THAN eight: Under no circumstances

TRANSIT Details:

Plane RIDES IN Complete: 9
APRPROX. Flying Hours Complete: forty nine several hours

Going THERE-

CALGARY TO LONDON: 9 several hours
LONDON TO JOHANNESBURG: 11 several hours
JOHANNESBURG TO CAPE Town: 2 several hours

CAPE Town JOHANNESBURG (working day 3): 2 several hours

Going Home-

JOHANNESBURG TO LONDON: 11 several hours
LONDON TO TORONTO: seven several hours
TORONTO TO EDMONTON: 4 several hours


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