South Africa: Uproar over violence against foreign truck drivers

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa is being urged to intervene in a violent campaign targeting foreign truck drivers.
About 30 trucks have been set alight, and drivers shot in recent attacks.
At least two people have died.
Al Jazeera’s Haru Mutasa has more from Johannesburg, South Africa.

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  1. There is no justification for harming others. The solution is for South African truck companies to hire 80% South Africans. We don't have a pro-active government that is why we have these problems.

  2. South Africa still occupied by dutch colonizers from Holland and indians who will liberate South Africa from dutch colonizers from Holland and Indians. Nelson Mandela and Ramaphosa sold out South Africa to Dutch colonizers from Holland and indians. The anc sold out South Africa to Dutch colonizers from Holland and Indians

  3. Should be obvious what they want, isn't it?
    The trucking companies in question are South African.
    They should be hiring South African truck drivers.

    Neighbouring countries literally have those rules for their own countries, so why should South Africa be everyone's sugar daddy?

    They hire foreign Africans for cheap labour, in order to circumvent the 70s and 80s struggles, which were a labour dispute, as much as anything else.

    It's not a coincidence that just as a humane framework was achieved post 94 the country was flooded with low and semi-skilled people from other countries who are once again willing to work for slave wages.

    In a country that has a chronic unemployment rate greater than Germany had when they voted for Hitler or the US during the great depression, the foreign demands on SA jobs are simply unacceptable.

    And given those historic parallels I would say the South African reaction over the last 26 years has been remarkably restrained!

    South Africa is a warning on open borders!

  4. You are lying, Namibia has many South African employees and all bussines in Namibia is from South Africa, we gave Gecko a tender in Namibia, were by Gecko went with his employees.. its crime. Peeling bloods,.. and jealous ,, how can u employed while you don't know africa an where are you going to drive, this trucks are global..

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  6. South Africa has been like this ever since Apartheid, the citizen of that county don’t and will not accept any other African citizens from the neighboring countries, so the solution is leave them their country, never do business with them. If you love your life and have family, don’t stay there and don’t visit there. Nothing new on this country.

  7. The Apartheid political leaders warned us about the murderous aggression of the South African black man. We always believed they lied because they wanted to stay in power. Our neighbouring countries also refused to believe that our black population can do anything wrong. These neighbours whent out of their way to help their poor suffering neighbours. Is this now how we repay the help the neighbouring countries offered us? Our black population should take care not to do the things that was predicted by the previous government, in order not to prove then right,

  8. Firstly, I think I'm tired of hearing that line
    "But we other African countries helped you during apartheid"

    Like and so what? That shouldn't be your first point when pointing out reasons why they should desist from their dastardly acts.

    Shame on south Africa for allowing this kind of unnecessary violence on foreigners

  9. This video must be reported for failing to censor the horrors visited upon these men, or earn us viewers of the extreme graphic nature of their horrendous wounds.

    Al-jazerra, these are human beings. Have respect for them!!

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