South Africa Trip May perhaps 2017

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Tour manual almost loses GoPro to a excellent white in South Africa

Tour manual almost loses GoPro to a excellent white in South Africa Extraordinary footage of a excellent shark breaching the water in South Africa seeking to capture bait. In the clip, filmed October 19, 2017, in Mossel Bay, a shark can be seen acquiring a excellent time circling a tour boat and charging after some […]

#Egypt #travel You Would not Believe What an Historical Egypt Skilled Identified at Luxor Temple

Historical Egypt has lots of discoveries that are not understood by modern-day person, several mysteries inside the Luxor Temple are evidence of this inability to understand the clues remaining by the Egyptians. This online video proves that Egyptologist’s have not only vastly underrated the scientific, mathematical, and astronomical knowledge of historic Egypt, but that they […]


  1. I think many of this Germans and who ever they are believe they are continuing some sort of hunting traditions from the colonial times. But remember that already in colonial times this was not sustainable if it became to much of it, and that in time they did it mostly because they needed food.
    Any retarded idiot can squeeze a trigger from his wheelchair so there is no achievement in this. To kill fellow beings in our world for the fun or sport of it, is a very low attitude and the idea makes most people feel a bit sick to their stumack.

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