South Africa shuts embassy in Nigeria just after reprisal attacks

South Africa has quickly shut down its embassy in Nigeria just after a collection of reprisal attacks on South African firms there.
Protesters collected to voice their anger at foreign firms staying attacked in the South African towns of Johannesburg and Pretoria.
South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa claims at minimum 10 persons have been killed given that Sunday, and has labelled the violence as “xenophobic”.
South Africa has a significant range of financial passions and firms in Nigeria, quite a few of which are now less than police safety.
Steven Gordon, a senior research expert at Human Sciences Investigate Council in Durban, talks to Al Jazeera about the violence.

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  1. It's just South Africans murdering other, Africans. News flash: African's are fighting over nationalities that don't exist. National borders created by White colonizers, not borders adhering to native ethnic groups like in Europe. Stand together or fall.

  2. Too Nigerians citizenship calling for the boycott of South Africa. Your citizen's are being sold in open slave markets in Libya. Your sisters are being forced into prostitution by fellow Nigerians, in Europe places like Italy Spain, Portugal etc. What are you going to to do about. I suspect nothing but talk

  3. South Africans must back coz they few to other countrys and they not selling drugs and they obey the law .Biyani zizophola asipholanga ngabantu baninzi abazogcwalisa apha baninzi bona kubani imisebenzi ndizayifuna nalapha .ugorvement yena uyasilwisa coz uthetha isigqibo yedwa

  4. Im Ethiopian & we need to shut down South Africa Embassy in Ethiopia as usual South Africa its not Part of Africa ,, shame on U south Africa U kill Thausend of our Brothers in South Africa

  5. South Africa will suffer life and Everlasting suffer to the end of life i swell socailly be to south Africa for life the innocent Blood you killed and Buried them in zoo country those innocent Blood must comes out for revolution all Africans Ancestors they angry for south Africa south Africa will eat there sheet and waters will runs away from them Earthquake will take over there country that's the cause of our Ancestors to south Africa so this End of south Africa

  6. It’s wrong of what South Africans are doing. But the root cause of these attacks are Foreigners selling drugs to minors and prostituting young girls. Recent attacks were caused by a foreign killing a South African taxi driver who was stopping him from selling drugs to a minor. This was South Africans retaliating. Nigerians have retaliated by beating South Africans and vandalizing South African shops in their country. Africans must learn that wrong to wrong doesn’t make right.

    The instability in the African continent is caused by African leaders/ politicians. And people on the ground suffer the consequences of killing each other ( Genocide, Xenophobia, Terrorism etc).
    1. Mass murders must stop in Africa as a whole ( whether citizens killing each other or foreigners).
    2. Corruption, drug dealing, prostitution, human trafficking and poverty must end!!

    Africa will be a beautiful and peaceful continent if these stop!!

  7. We are all African, let us get along. The greatest African leaders will not be happy if we are fighting among ourselves. Africans, we are our brothers keepers. Let us not put our formal elders who worked hard to unite Africa in shame. South Africa, you are part of Africa and Nelson Mandela wouldn't want such a thing to happen. All those that are creating problems against your own black. You don't know your history, if you do, you will not act like this to your Africans brothers and sisters. Let leaves in peace. We are Africa and we stand strong together!!! I love Nigerians and South African.

  8. At the Apartheid times Africa support africans there and abroad. Provided several brotherhood. These people do not understand the necessity for black to be united and face the european racist invaders. They are still trying to come back to power these white people…and you idiot are killing those who will protect you from blood line. Stupid idiots.

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