South Africa from Above – 10 Great Aerial Locations – inc. Kruger Park (HD)


  1. These are really enjoyable docs. Just a pity the narrator couldn't be bothered to get the pronunciations of place names right.
    It's not that difficult – if you're not sure Ask a Saffer!

  2. Johannesburg is known as Egoli – place of Gold in isiZulu. Gauteng – place of Gold in Sotho languages – is an entire province….

  3. A terrific documentary on S. Africa. We are getting ready for our tour of S. Africa and Wild Safari parks, so this is invaluable in getting us tuned in. Thanks for the post.

  4. This footage must have been taken many years back for 3 reasons…no litter clogging the streets, no traffic to speak of (no taxi's) plus no loiterers/beggars looks so clean.

  5. We have a beautiful country with good history, Anglo-Zulu war, Anglo-Boer war and Zulu-Boer war. another ethnic group that fought with the British is the Ndebele ethnic group. Zulu people also had a good relationship with Boers during the times of king Dinuzulu.

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