South Africa – Closing Election Success (2019) | Analyses by Willem Petzer


  1. In Duitsland (DDR) het die Duiwel (Kommuniste) veertig jare gehad om te doen wat hy wou doen. 1949 tot 1989. As dit ook so in Suid-Afrika gaan wees dan kan ons aan verandering dink teen 2034. Ons moet sisteme in plek sit vir daardie oorgang, onafhanklik van bestaande politiek want wat is gaan verby gaan.

  2. Willem Peter would you agree with me when i say that i South Africa we have black nationalists because we have white nationalist just like we have the rise of black elites because we have a huge number of white elites and none can exists without the other. and your superstition comment is premature and wrong people dot vote for the ANC because of any reason we vote the ANC because the trauma of apartheid will never go and we will ever let that go just like your people will never let what happen in the Anglo Boer war go. so for as long as white people see South Africa from a narrow lens then black people will also see it from a narrow lens. the white industrial complex is the leach that is sucking the life out of South Africa and you have yet to make Video about them. Why?

  3. Seems more like a VF+ punt which is not surprising as you Afrikaner nationalist. The DA wards are still run better then the VF+ wards. As an English South African I had enough of Afrikaans rule in SA, Id rather have a multicultural party like the DA running SA.

  4. No comment on the ACDP as they increased votes quite a bit.

    One of their key points is that their manifesto calls for the removal of all racial discrimination. Their campaign had an active message of those with skills should get jobs. Race should play no part.

    The above being stated by a black leader no less!

  5. When the ANC mismanages state enterprizes with "sewage in the streets", A water Crises and no electricity – you will beg for privatization insisting they are incapable of running anything – they will then privatize – in fact they've already successfully privatized much of SA using this method and you think they are anti capatalist? Do you not understand the difference between politics and reality – politics is simply the means by which power engineers what they want while convincing the population it's what they asked for all along. The ANC base is Socialist – the ANC leadership is Rothschild backed!!! Rhamaphosa is just like Rupert, Rhodes etc. Time for a reality check so you can properly analyze the landscape without drifting into the fairy land they made for you don't you think?

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