Sim X 1200 + 1660super! from £440 no storage | 240Gb+1TB £500 | & with windows £550 from Palicomp. #traveldeals

Ryzen 1200 £60
1660 Super £215++++++++
8GB 2666mhz ram £30
500W Frac PSU £40
Cit Beam case £30
B450m-a Motherboard £66

No storage cost: £440 (buy ur own nvme)..
With 240GB SSD + 1TB Hdd £500
With 240GB SSD + 1TB Hdd + windows £550 (default link)

Classic Ryz 1200+1660S

“let the moaners moan,” 1) u wont get All the whack of the gpu with this cpu, but youll beat a higher cpu + lower GPU in overall performance vs what is out there now as everywhere is drying up in this region, look at AWD recent £500 deal, 10100+RX550

easy enough to increase ram as u go along.

As proven:
when the market settles: CPU/MB combo deals will be back, just flip ur system and combo of cpu/mb+coolers sell like hotcakes on ebay.

if you are keeping the storage and considering the windows, golden rule, always remove it and then let them pitch u the management deal, knock em down!… this is where they will offer u higher performance mhz ram, and then u pitch back when ur happy with the package again n getting 16gb for +30 more, this is also a perfect time to try n get a 3100 at +50ish too.

PS: as much as i love helping folks with systems on here, until fully moved wont be on as much over the course of the new few weeks, defo be on for the 25th! see wat 3060 deals will be about!…. – so if dont reply, reason why.

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