Sicily Holidays – Italy: Things to Do – What, How and Why to visit the Island

If you are planning to spend your holidays in #Sicily, in #Italy, here you’ll find the best tips on things to do in the south east part of the island, with a sightseeing Sicily map on the most relevant points of interest to enjoy, so you can easily imagine and organize your trip to #visitsicily: WHAT to see, HOW to plan your visit, and WHY to discover Sicily in all its beauty!

In this sicily vlog:
– WHAT are the major attractions that you can’t go home without having seen, the best of Sicily, including Etna mountain, Enna, The Stair of the Turks, Valley of the Temples, Cava Randello natural reserve, Portopalo di Capopassero, Marzamemi village, the baroque cities of Noto, Modica and Ragusa, the natural reserve of Plemmirio, Syracuse (Cathedral of Syracuse, the Castello Maniace, Arethusa fountain, Neapolis archaeological with its Roman amphitheater, Greek theatre and the Ear of Dionysius), Villa Romana del Casale, Punta Secca, Catania and Taormina.
– Then, I’ll describe to you HOW to follow an easy tour to better visit the Sicily destinations, with a clear sightseeing Sicily map.
Finally, we’ll discover WHY to visit Sicily, with his rich historic and nature.

(Errata corrige: the painting of the church of Santa Lucia di Lecce – 5:24 minutes of the video – is by Caravaggio, not by Giotto! )

Starting from Catania, the first attraction not to be missed is Etna, taking the cable car. (Google Maps:
The Etna volcano is one of the world’s most active volcanoes and is in an almost constant state of activity.

After Etna, I suggest you reach the southern coast. If you want, you can make an intermediate stop to visit the city of Enna.

The Stair of the Turks (Google Maps: white limestone steps shaped by nature, the turquoise color of the sea and the fine sand beaches that border it…you will love it!

Valley of the Temples (Google Maps:
The Valley of the Temples is the largest archaeological site in the world! 8 temples are visible in the valley.

Along the southern coast, I suggest you visit Cava Randello natural reserve (Google Maps: and Portopalo di Capopassero (Google Maps:

On the east coast, if you can, visit Marzamemi village (Google Maps: and the baroque city of Noto (Google Maps: but don’t miss absolutely the natural reserve of Plemmirio (Google Maps: and, of course, Syracuse (Google Maps:

Modica o Ragusa o Noto: The Baroque towns of Noto, Modica and Ragusa are all UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Just take a walk through the historic centers to enjoy palaces, churches and cathedrals.

Parco Marino del Plemmirio: Close to Syracuse, there are a lot of beautiful small coves, but the best landscape you can admire is Parco del Plemmirio.

Syracuse and Ortigia Island:
This 2,700-year-old city played a key role in ancient times, becoming one of the greatest cities of the Western Greek migration.
In the charming Ortigia Island, visit the Cathedral of Syracuse, which was previously a Doric temple; the Castello Maniace and Arethusa fountain.
In the modern city of Syracuse visit Neapolis archaeological park.

The best way to visit Sicilyis by car, following a tour like the one showed in the video, where between each location there is no more than 2 hours. You can travel along this circle in the direction you prefer.
If you have more time, you could add some other attractions to visit:
Villa Romana del Casale, a roman villa which contains some of the best and most complex mosaics from the Roman Empire
Punta Secca, a fishing village famous to be the set of the TV series “Il commissario Montalbano”
the Baroque towns Modica and Ragusa
the city of Catania
and the tourist destination of Taormina.

The signs of history which surround Sicily.
And nature here is something remarkable.
We all know that Italian food is something special, and in the video you’ll find four deliciousness absolutely to taste:
– granita
– arancino
– cannolo e cassata
But the most intense attraction of Sicily is the atmosphere that you breathe, of times gone, and the air that smells of salt and freedom!

Here other suggestions to visit Sicily:

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