Sharky’s on the Pier in Venice Beach, Florida

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Venice, Italy: St. Mark’s Basilica

Additional data about vacation to Venice: Among Europe’s churches, the Byzantine marvel of St. Mark’s stands by itself. Immediately after the saint’s stays ended up smuggled in this article in 828, Venice took his image (the winged lion) as their very own. Crafted with pillaged resources, some explain the church’s eclectic style as “Early Ransack.” […]

#Argentina #travel Buenos Aires, Argentina Travel Guide — “Go or No?” Review

The Ins and Outs of traveling to Buenos Aires, Argentina with Andrea Feczko and Rachel Rudwall Watch more @How2Travelers videos! Capital of Argentina, and home to steak, tango, and Evita, Buenos Aires is an exciting city with lots to do. But, is it worth the trip? -Tango Dancing and Nightlife -Argentine meals: steaks, meats, Malbec […]

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