Sevilla, Spain: The Moors and Alcázar #Spain #travel

Much more data about travel to Andalucía: A prime example of Moorish impact, Sevilla’s Alcázar presents a thought-provoking glimpse at a graceful Moorish planet.

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  1. I thought this is a tours programs not a Muslim – Christian fight…let the fights be between the religious figures thats why they are there..for me as a normal Muslim tourist, I only view these places as a Magnificent work of Art.. I don't feel anything else..purely tourist joy

  2. Yes, 700 years of living under Mohammedan oppression teaches a nation to hate! 700 years of being awoken by the Mohammedan prayer shooting, 700 years of not eating pork, 700 years of not drinking wine and all because of the Moors. So the Spaniards were waiting, plotting, nurturing their hatred and planning their revenge.

  3. Well they did leave some interesting architecture, but the Spaniards suffered a lot before they gained their freedom.

    We should remember that Spanish Christians in their own land could not build new churches, or maintain old ones.They were subjected to a heavy Infidel tax, couldn't take a Muslim to court, couldn't build in certain areas, had to wear discriminatory clownish clothes, couldn't even own a horse.

    It is time that the history of Moorish Spain be told by Spaniards not British

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