seven Matters NOT TO DO Searching in Germany #Germany #travel

As an American dwelling in Germany, listed here are a few factors I have discovered not to do whilst searching in Germany!

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GROCERY Merchants in Germany!!! six Matters to Know Before You Go Searching:

GROCERY Merchants: four Major Differences in Germany & United states:

Why I SUCK at Grocery Searching in Germany:

I Appreciate Lots of Matters in Germany, BUT NOT THIS One particular:

So my problem for you is: what other searching don’ts are there in Germany or all around the planet? And also what searching dos are there?


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  1. wenn sie einmal lust darauf haben so richtig verwöhnt zu werden und auch bedient zu werden dann sind sie hier richtg ! wenn sie mir ein "dienstoutfit" zusammenstellen dann ziehe ich es natürlich auch gerne an, zB: sieftel, rock; leggings, body,..

  2. I'm suspicious of fruit stalls where you can't pick out your own fruit. You have to be on your guard, that the vendor doesn't give you a bag full of bruised fruit, after you hand over your cash.

  3. Plastic bags cost money in Germany nowadays to discourage the thoughtless use and disposal of them. You're being encouraged to re-use them or bring another bag of your choosing to the store. They often also offer textile bags which can be used many times.

    Sanitizers are breeding super-bugs and are not that common in Europe, not just in Germany. At least not in stores.

  4. during my trip in the us, i was confused that you get for every part a small plastic bag. i´ve never had so many plastic bags after doing groceries.

    but there are three thing i want to mention which i´ve havent seen in the u.s but are regular here:
    1: self scanning. in the grocerie store where i mostly buy my stuff, called "globus", you have the possibility to scan the products by yourself, so you don´t need to put them out of your shoppingcart. at the beginning of your trip, you´ll get a scanner and during your shopping trip you need to scan the things you want by your own and put them in your shopping cart. at the end of your shopping trip, you just need to scan a barcode and pay the stuff at a terminal.
    2. at several stores e.g. ikea, you can scan and pay the products by your own but you are watched by the staff
    3. at rewe you can too scan and pay the stuff by your own but you have to put the pieces on a special place near the terminal before putting them in your bag

  5. Why is there a weight scale in normal shops in the US? I know that there are ones in pharmacies here in Germany and that makes partly sense. But not in shops! I think you mentioned the most important part: bring your bags and pack it yourself. When someone abroad did it to me, I was confused (I am German)

  6. A nice old man at the market yelled at me in the Rialto Market in Venice when I proceeded to pick up tomatoes. Lol! Must remember this for Germany as well.

  7. Why so dramatic? Wanna make small talk? Initiate it. If people are down, they will respond (most will). Wanna touch the produce to inspect it more closely? Ask first, it doesn't hurt, and it's clearly not frowned upon. Sanitizing wipes are available at a lot of stores, not at the majority of stores though. They do make sense for sure. Regarding "unfriendly staff", the problem is that most of our stores are chronically understaffed, and a lot of the staff are pretty much just temps, because they're cheaper. Plus, they're under constant time pressure because they have to do three things more or less simultaneously But then, groceries are extremely cheap as well. It's a different concept which people who are on a budget will appreciate while people who expect to be worshipped and be the center of attention wherever they go will dislike. My typical shopping experience is like this: 5:48 Hop on the bus. 5:55 Get off the bus right in front of the store. 6:15 Leave the store with all the things I need, self-bagged. 6:19 Hop on the bus. 6:26 Get off the bus. Walk home. 6:30 Home. Total time spent: 42 minutes. Store my groceries. 6:40 Call it a day. Relax. Haha

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