Scheduling your itinerary for Germany #Germany #travel

Scheduling a journey to Germany? Here are a few suggestions to be certain you never return home fatigued and disillusioned.

“Model Funk” and “Very hot Swing”
by Kevin MacLeod
Imaginative Commons Attribution licence

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  1. Bitch, please.

    Ich besuchte Frankfurt, Volkach, Krautheim, Würzburg, Marienburg, Rothenberg, Nürnberg, München, Nymphenburg, die Alpen, Schloss Neuschwanstein, den Bodensee, den Schwarzwald, Dresden, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Köln, Koblenz, Rhine…uuuund Rüdesheim 😀

    All in that order und alles in zwei Wochen! And I'm from America!

  2. When doing vacation planning, I've always gone for 1 big thing + 1 small thing a day, nothing on arrival day but strolling the local area, maybe getting some supplies, like snacks, and drinks to take on trips, and just resting after the travel. 1 day pr week is left blank to either do the unexpected, just relax, do some shopping or whatever.

  3. Maybe my mother and I are the outliers here, but we avoid organised "sightseeing tours" like the plague! Why let yourself rush through everything in one day when you can just use public transport? Different countries, different infrastructures, but still…

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