Salamanca, Spain | travel manual Hd #Spain #travel

Salamanca is an amazing metropolis in Spain. It can be historical middle is nicely preserved and extremely charming. We frequented it only for one particular working day, but we would thoroughly keep longer to get pleasure from its enjoyable ambiance. This is our travel manual viewing its main monuments.

Thank you for the amazing tunes produced

CoryaYo – De Orfeu by Chillhop Music

Handbook – You can expect to Be Shocked


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  1. Thanks for your video about Salamanca! The pictures are beautiful! The frog is in the column in the right, at the same height as the coat of arms, on a skull haha It's very tiny, difficult to see. It is said that if you see it by yourself you will pass all of the subjects and get your university title but if they tell you you will fail haha You should have asked someone passing by where was it haha Anyway, I'm glad you liked my city. Greetings from Salamanca!

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