Russia The Past Hope For Boers? Farmers Fleeing South Africa For Fertile Fields Of South Russia

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The descendants of European colonists in South Africa, the Boers, are looking for shelter in southern Russia. They represent an ethnic minority at dwelling. Not only have they been aggrieved for numerous many years, but their ideal to exist is now threatened. Hence, about 15,000 individuals are completely ready to move to the southern Russian metropolis Stavropol for fantastic.
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  1. yea I'm coming to stay in Russia from South Africa. I am now a Russian and will live and die for Russia and mr Putin. Russia is in my blood for many years and I want to become a Russian.

  2. вот пример русского человека или верит всему подряд что слышит или включает русский мозг! и думает логично, на алтае КИТАЙЦЫ заселяються и арендуют земли на 50 лет и больше…на юге ГОЛАНДЫ/ЮАРЩИКИ заселяют земли, мнде…а РУССКОМУ на 15.000 рублейков на них горбатиться до пенсии и потом по 9.000 РУБЛЕЙКОВ проживать покупая немецкие ФАРМАЦЕФТИКУ и голандские СЫРЫ?
    где-то чёрт тут закопан…

  3. Zulus are the most useless people on this Planet. They will eat everything and wont be able to grow shit after the boers left, then they will head for Europe and rape, murder and torture, while western european women will scream racist to everyone that opposes it, guided by Marxist Macron and Zioist Merkel. BRAVE NEW WOLRD ORDER

  4. Not just the Boer farmers leaving. I've got a farewell party this Sat in Johannesburg for 2 friends that are highly skilled professionals. They are moving to Australia. The land is not important. What you do with it is. You cant eat soil.

  5. The craziest thing is that boers were in South Africa before Bantous.
    Khoïkhoïs and bochimans were the native people in South Africa which wasn't even a land when boers went there.
    Then boers developped farming there and then bantous came.
    Bantous are not native people from South Africa, they are colons too.
    And now bantous are claming boers farms like if it was their ancestors lands.

  6. The South African farmers are also not subsidised as their EU and US counterparts so they know how to farm efficiently. This is going to become a huge problem for food stability in South Africa and it will only be a win win opertunity for Russia. It also is going to mean job losses for South Africa and jobs gained for Russians.

  7. They colonized Africa and now they are going to colonize Russia and export their feminist culture and ideology onto Russia. Russia will eventually submit to Western influence and ideology. The western culture is the culture of faggots, lesbians, transexuals, cuckolds, manginas, feminists, worthless single mothers, broken families, divorce and their women take the house, take alimony, child support, whores, bastard children, degenerate kids. They will export their failed culture and pathetic ideology to Russia.

  8. From an emergent country to a 1/3 world country…many russians want to go to the west(europe, usa) for humans rights and theses fucked boers are going to live in the poorest white country , work slavery just for 150€ by month… you have to rearrange your south africa(friend of west nations) and continue your life there, stop being racists against black and share your culture as one nation… as a minority in SA i dont see how you want to be richest than blacks in their home… only 8% is very little… the same thing in the usa where black are minority and cant be richer than majority white… you have to respect each other… you built a fascinating nation with the blood and hands of africans…you play a great role in africa…and should be one off the greatest nation as usa if you realise your position in africa… helping and investing in africa like china or more…youll be succesful…
    Please come on…. dont leave whites and blacks folks destroy your history…

  9. sacré Vlad (il fait bien, parce que ces gens d'une part sont massacrés par simple haine raciste, et d'autre part ils peuvent aider très bien dans l'agriculture)

    en plus ils sont nordiques et Chrétiens protestants (ça coince moins au niveau religion qu'avec les "papistes") : c'est super bien vu

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