Rocks Almost everywhere!! Sailing in Sweden – Favourite Destinations Section four #Germany #vacation

We spend a delightful summer cruising the archipelago in Sweden and take you along to explore this beautiful but navigationally tough cruising place.

Means for cruising in Sweden:

A summary of our cruise in Sweden such as the Swedish Archipelagos and transit by means of the Gota and Trollhattan Canals.

Sweden’s formal web site for tourism and vacation.

“The Imray Pilot to the Baltic Sea and Approaches” is the very best cruising guideline we uncovered which is written and updated by the Royal Cruising Club.

High definition downloads and DVDs of the 3 half-hour tv plans we filmed about our summer cruising in Sweden such as our transit of the Gota and Trollhattan Canals for Period seven of the Distant Shores sailing journey Tv series.

Recent Boat:
Southerly 480 by Discovery with variable-draft swing-keel

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Get an introduction to the cruising lifetime and join Paul and Sheryl on a leg of their All around the Planet voyage. Understand much more about their Sail Absent Months right here:


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All a hundred thirty complete half-hour episodes of the Distant Shores Sailing Journey Tv series are offered as a collectors set as High definition downloads and also on DVD by means of the Distant Shores web site. The Distant Shores DVD Super Pack box set contains equally DVDs and reward High definition downloads. It is great for binge-looking at and helps make a excellent present for the sailor in your lifetime! Info and get right here:


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  1. The Shards are a class act. If your not familiar with them they have been sailing for years. Before YouTube they made videos via DVD and were on television. They were an inspiration to all sailors trying to live the dream. I highly recommend their DVD collection, it's a must own. We keep on our vessel and watch when we our at the Channel Islands in California. My wife and I wish them all the best with their YouTube channel. The younger generation will catch on.

  2. Very nice to see my homeland through a visitors eyes. Just started watching your videos and they are a class act.
    I'm glad you enjoyed sailing in our beautiful country 🙂

  3. It sounds a bit strange, but the Baltic sea is actually one of the more polluted in the world. The areas of old Soviet and former Warsaw pact countries did (and kepp on doing it (huge damage. Our Swedish coast is stil suffering from that.

  4. Great video as usual. I've been going though your vids (many, many of them thanks) and went over to Discovery's web page. My question: why you prefer the Southerly over the Discovery range?

  5. I made a couple of videos of the Swedish east coast last summer. The archipelago is very beautiful there and the waters are not that difficult to navigate.
    Gotland and Visby are the jevel of the Baltic sea in my opinion. Tryed to capture that on a video too, but I'm quite a noob in filming and editing.
    Too bad you didn't have time to come to Finland as the REAL arhipelago begins 100nm to the east from Stockholm! 😉

  6. Great Video. Welcome to Youtube style narration style and love the video. This is different than your other videos as it is more modern? The older style (my opinion) seemed sort of documentary style and this was showing the cool stuff going on. KUDOS

  7. Just came home from a trip around my homearchperlago Gryt/Harstena. Then saw this. 🙂
    Navigation can be tricky, sailing the “gravel” (rocks) But so rewarding
    . Spent last night at Gubbö kupa. A nature harbour that is highly recommended. And secure for most winddirections. Exept more strongly winds from the north.
    Wish I could post a picture in the comment.

    Fair winds!

  8. Awesome video what a great sailing spot . got to go there some day , after watching this . thanks so much for sharing with us your fans . From Steve stott in sutherlin Oregon u.s.a.

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