Robbed at Gunpoint in Johannesburg, South Africa

I hardly ever imagined I would wake up in bed to a gun at my face. I imagined that sh*t only happens in the videos.

I wrote a lot more extensively about my experience in this blog site put up:

I vacation the entire world to highlight the magnificence in locations that may not normally be proven. I actually want to demonstrate the entire world how attractive Africa is as a continent. It is the blood that operates by my veins. Before I go any deeper, I just want say that Jo’burg is not all of Africa.

I obtained love for South Africa and I achieved so a lot of dope individuals. It’s unlucky due to the fact I hardly ever meant to release destructive media on any location, allow alone, a position in Africa. I have felt compelled to do so due to the fact initially of all, I build articles as if I am generating it for my pals and I want individuals to have a good time and be harmless carrying out so.

I am glad that in a scenario like this, I am not sponsored and I really don’t have to make some canned ass reaction or not even discuss about it. I would sense poor about placing individuals who comply with me in threat without having figuring out all the aspects.

There is so substantially magnificence in this position but this satan is alive in this article as perfectly.

Sorry for all the doom and gloom in this put up but this was my actuality for Jo’burg and it’s value sharing my very serious experience of it so that other people can be mindful and choose even a lot more safety measures if they pick out to vacation that way.

If you have inquiries about robbery you request on my IG I will response what I can.

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If you wished to go through the article on Davido finding robbed:

You can listen to in the under Vice documentary declaring, “Private safety is more substantial than the law enforcement and army combined.”

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  1. Yo! So sorry for the experience man! We all know your reviews usually come from the heart, no biases or false promotions. Your Jo'burg experience is not new bro. The place has some crazy crime stats thats very foreign to many Africa cities. 'Jerusalema' the film, captured this well. That said, as a Kenyan filmmaker who has traveled a bit across the Cradle (Africa) 😉 , Jo'burg is a special case, just as Baltimore, Compton, Liverpool et al. South Africans are great people. Most cities in the continent are competing to have travelers like you, so security is great, the night life thriving, and amazing cross cultural social events have become the norm. Other than my city, Nairobi, others you should visit, Kampala -great night life, Zanzibar – the culture & festivals, Maputo – Very unique historical city, the people, night life, Addis – beautiful people, culture, food, history, Lamu – the Santorini of east Africa, amazing swahili culture and lifestyle, Mombasa port city -history, culture, amazing beach experience and swahili food! And Nairobi (Obama/Lupitaville), well mostly Art, fashion, nightlife & Wildlife 😉 Yep we are the only city in the world with a game park inside it! You still got a lot of work in the Cradle bro, Jo'burg was just the first! KEEP THESE VIDZ COMING!

  2. I'm a black middle age female, first time trip to Joberg Jan 2018, first trip Africa (and solo). DO NOT GO DOWNTOWN!! book international style hotel chains, all great rates. Downtown is the worst crime zone. Great airport hotels $60 p nite (Jan 2018), use Uber to city bus tour. I had a great time solo.
    So sorry you had a bad really bad experience, that's why I didn't do air bnb.
    I stayed downtown cause I didn't know?
    But my boutique hotel took good care of me. They had security and a shuttle, 24 hour front desk.
    I heard lots of warnings and lots of great stories, but don't walk around downtown!!!

  3. Of course the white bitch had the range rover. White privilege on a grand scale. But yeah wint go there. Obviously the mixed and white people have all the money to where the blacks are thirsty and need money.

  4. I’m NEVER going to Joburg fam. I know that wasn’t your intent….but this is ridiculous. And please DO NOT take this video down. People need to know. Someone set y’all up. Someone you know or an associate of someone you know. Just know that fam. My gut is telling me someone local who has a pulse on foreigners in town. Maybe even the homeowner. Sounds crazy but none of them is above suspicion. Don’t go back bro. You’re trying to do good things by sharing your travel vlogs and they do this to you? Now cipher G. Now cipher.

  5. Thanks for sharing story of your experience in Jozi (Jo-Burg), when I tell people ishhh is real out there, they never believe me. They really bout that life and they don’t care about anything besides securing that bag, even if it means taking a life. I’m a bit at an advantage because I can somewhat speak the local language so I blend in a little more but that doesn’t mean a lot. I’m glad the experience didn’t leave you regretting visiting Jozi because there’s so much to see , do and experience in the city. Whenever you decide to go back, I got the team with local people to assist you move around the city. Thanks for great content as always

  6. Don't you think it's kind of strange that you're only there for a week or two and all of a sudden you get held by gunpoint and robbed? Have you ever given thought that maybe the person renting you the house is in on it. they're casing the house for the robbers. Maybe it's just me being American but that's the first thing that came to my mind as you started to tell your story.

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