Road Trip from Germany to Denmark – Travel Vlog #Germany #travel

A mini summer vacation in Rømø, Denmark. We left Germany behind for a day, took the Autobahn and off we went to the beach.

If you’re watching for the first time, Hi, I’m Sandy a German Travel Vlogger exploring the world one Road Trip Vlog and Staycation at the time 🙂 Here is my mini travel guide on how to get from Germany to the Danish beach! 🙂

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The beach at the North Sea is huge! I can’t believe I grew up so very close to it 🙂 I hope you guys enjoyed this lighthearted adventure from Schleswig Holstein to the island Rømø in Denmark. If you want more Germany travel vlogs, let me know below. Also, did you notice how North Germany has such a flat landscape? 😀

Hope you enjoyed my Denmark vlog!

x Sandy

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  1. Oh Sandy! LOL! As someone from Australia, mate, that's not a wave. I definitely go by the dunk the whole body in early on rather than bit-by-bit methodology. But hey ho, whatever works. Just back from the beach in the UK, and TBH, I'd take any body of water with sand right now!

    Enjoy Denmark and Germany 🙂

  2. 6:15 – Have you ever been to St. Peter Ording in Germany, North Sea? It has a beautiful and big beach. Also rather warm water I guess, I went swimming there about a week ago and it was totally alright!

  3. Hi sandy, reminds me of the time we went from Germany to holland and the queue was about a kilometre long so I said just drive up the side of the traffic and play stupid so we got near the checkpoint and all these guys in full combat kit jumped out at us shouting so we just stopped and said nicht verstehen we're from Ireland and thought the checkpoint was just for Germans and Netherlands people so of course they replied in perfect English you nearly got shot, anyhoo the outcome was that quite a few of the guards came to Ireland for fishing holidays and of course we knew the best rivers to fish (we didn't) so they let us through and took our number plate and said on our return just pass any traffic and we'll wave you through, so always play stupid it works, be polite and say sorry you don't know the protocol when crossing borders by car, we got on so well with the German people and the Dutch they both looked after us very well and as you can see by my fondness of the country I miss the time I spent in Germany, ps enjoy your time with your family, regards from Ireland

  4. Oh wow, she is your sister ?!
    I know her from her channel and the many mera luna videos. Good to see her again.
    I think in a video with her best friend she was also on this beach.
    Nice Trip!

  5. That easy. Wow!

    I need to get myself to Europe if possible.

    Is your sister older or younger than you?

    The bigger question is –

    Did you end up finishing the ice cream?

  6. Hi, Sandy, that was great fun and it looked as if you enjoyed yourself. Maybe you could do more videos with your sister, you did this together very well. Now can you give us an impartial opinion who speaks English better you or your sister? Looking forward to your next video soon.

  7. How many sisters do u have? Can u visit any EU countries now?
    Germany has >10K active covid cases and u can simply drive thru the Danish border. Canada has about 6700 cases and we can't just drive to the US: the world's longest border is closed for tourists & such. According to the plan, u'll be able to go to Denmark via a new tunnel by 2029:

    Another way to get there! Funzies for Sandy & family. And more easy sand access for Sandy!

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