Road Trip Begins — (WW2 GERMANY SERIES) — Episode 1 #Germany #travel


  1. You Guys crack me up, But i get a little nervous form RedDeer Alberta, Because you guys drive on the Left side of the road. The trip must make you Drive on the Left and Right,Depending what Country you are in.Thanks guys,CHEERS to everyone.

  2. Hey Folks, WELCOME TO GERMANY!The Home of Currywurst,Weihnachtsmarkt and Delayed Train Traffic. Ian, you mentioned Stick – Grenades, hopefully you all do not stumble over one in the Field.They can be dangerous as Hell. I wish you all the best, and best finds and discoveries during your stay.

  3. As soon as the Spam can came out, ALL I could think of was the Monty Python bit "Spam, Spam, eggs and Spam…. Spammmm…. wonderful Spam….stop singing you bloody Vikings!" HAHAHA! Have a safe road trip boys!

  4. Sure you guys will manage.
    I drove my old mx5 4600 miles to the artic circle in norway on my own.
    Through france netherlands germany denmark sweden then norway to look at uboat pens and the big guns on norways coast.

  5. What do you mean you got swabbed for drugs? what in the mouth? is this just at the tunnel or airports as well? l havnt been out of the country for 27 years so l dont have any experience of this.

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