Richard Hammond takes his daughters off-roading #Germany #travel

Richard Hammond turns 50 this year and he has a final mid-life crisis box to tick. He has done supercars, super bikes, and now there’s only one thing left – a pick-up truck. Watch him take the Ford Ranger Raptor for a spin with his daughters. We can’t blame him for taking the ‘scenic’ route home.

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This video was made in partnership with Ford.

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  1. Foolish me thought for a minute when they said off road they meant it. What they meant was off the paved road. Dirt roads were the norm where I grew up. I was 9 years old before I realized most roads are paved.

  2. I believe the blonde is from the American Stig and the brunette is from the European FIA Stig.. LOL!! Doesn't compute with me I still see a 30'ish Hammond knocking about in all the crazy adventures with THE Original Top Gear crew..

  3. Imagine ur walking into town, and you walk past Richard Hammond. You be like “oh my goodness it’s Richard Hamm…..???..” and you see him playing nape by himself, and talking to his hands

  4. I recognize you and its driving me nuts that i cant think of where ive seen you from.
    For a split second i thought you were wolverine and i was like, “wait thats not wolverine, but i still recognize him from something”

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