Rhine, Germany: Castle-Studded Rhine River #Germany #vacation

Additional facts about vacation to the Rhine Valley: Due to the fact historic moments, the Rhine has been 1 of the world’s busiest rivers and important buying and selling routes. Today, underneath the watchful eye of after-mighty castles, barges carrying thousand-ton masses and busy trains transportation goods and travelers together the river. For additional facts on the Rick Steves’ Europe Tv series — together with episode descriptions, scripts, participating stations, vacation facts on locations and additional — pay a visit to


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Journey With Mother ❤ | Lifetime In Germany | Nikita Vlogs 2018 #Germany #journey

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  1. I LOVE Germany. I was extremely lucky to get to live there for nearly five years while I was in the military, and have always said if I could live anywhere in the world it would be Munich. Whenever I hear an American say the USA is the greatest country on Earth, my first thought is that he's probably never been anywhere else.

  2. Anyone who gets a chance to visit this part of Germany really should jump at the chance.  It is magnificent with the castles and little towns.  I spent 99% of my time south of Frankfurt and visiting small towns.  The people are welcoming and very nice, they will happily tell you where their favorite Gasthaus is and the best place to stay.  They will also tell you where to find some of the places, the hidden gems, that aren't normally visited by tourists.  A trip to Germany can be the highlight of your life and a memory to be cherished. 

  3. Exploring the Rhine should be done at a relaxed pace. The castles and historic towns are awesome. I would also recommend checking out Mainz, the historic place where Guttenberg invented the printing press!

  4. How is the quality so great…it almost seems 3-D. Such a beautiful country and as always Steve does an excellent job. So happy you have your videos posted here.

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