Resumen Octavos (Mañana) Buenos Aires Padel Learn | World Padel Tour

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Cirquito Chico Bariloche

From Chile, Priyanga and I went to Argentina, Bariloche. The very first activity we did was bicycling the Cirquito Chico. About a four hour cycle tour all over a element of laguna perito moreno. We stopped by Colonia Suiza, but the town was shut. Soon after a honeybeer at the Patagonia Cerveceria we felt the […]


  1. Dios mío, para eso ganaron Di nenno y Restivo a terrible pareja? Para venir a perder contra 2 acabados dps? Daaaale loco! Si le eliminas a un grande al menos mete semis,osino cagas al pedo un Wpt, donde preferimos ver a un Stupa – Gutiérrez que a un Silingo – Allemandi déjate de joder!!

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