REFURBISHED Vax OnePWR Blade 4 Pet #traveldeals

Our best for tougher cleaning, it’s proven to clean carpets better than the UK’s Top 3 best-selling cordless vacuum cleaners* with the addition of a motorised pet tool and antimicrobial protection.

The Vax Blade 4 Pet Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is powered by the revolutionary ONEPWR 4.0Ah battery, our new interchangeable battery technology. Together with our best ever Vax CoreTM controlled brushless motor, get continuous cleaning performance for up to 45 minutes.

The Vax ONEPWR Blade 4 Pet cleans carpets better than the UK’s top 3 best-selling cordless vacuums*. Giving you the cleaning performance of the best corded uprights** in the freedom of a cordless vacuum.

Make light work of cleaning pet beds, car boots and upholstery with the additional Vax Mini Motorised Pet Tool – designed to be compact but tough, it agitates and lifts stubborn dirt and pet hair with ease.

The Vax Blade 4 Pet has a specially designed floorhead that allows you to move with ease from carpet to hard floor, plus an antimicrobial treatment on the brush bar helps protect your bristles from bacteria and fungi by preventing their growth.

To me this seems like a good deal as it is Vax themselves restoring returned products! Plus you’ve always got PayPal money back guarantee from Ebay!

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