REEF TANK TOURS – exclusive SPS floating REEF – 2500 liter HIGH CLASS SETUP #Germany #travel

This SPS dominated reef tank from Wesley has the dimensions 265 x 100 x 84 cm and a huge sump (together 2500 liter / 660 gallon) The setup is done with royal exclusive and Philips CoralCare LED lightning. The aquascape of the saltwater aquarium is created with dead rocks. It is an XXL tank with a floating part!

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Technique list:

Aquarium 265x100x84cm
* sump dreambox fleecefilter 200x74x40
* Frag tank with ati straton.
* Total water 2500L
* Lights 10 philips CoralCare gen2
* Skimmer bubbleking Supermarine 250 met rd3speedy
* Focustronic Alkatronic, 2x dosetronic
* Pump royal exclusive speedy rd3 18000L
* Pump royal exlusiv 80 watt 8000L
* Pump royal exclusiv 50watt 5000L
* Pump royal exclusiv 60watt
* Computer apex
* Flow 2x wav
* Tunze 6245 3x
* Troptronic uv 85watt
* Pacific sun ar pro L cheato reactor.

Ati essentials pro
Meassure with hanna.
Every 2 months ati icp oes test.

Kh 7,5
Ca 430
Mg 1330
Po4 0,01
No3 0,5
K 400
Sr 8
I 0,04


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This new channel offers you the opportunity to collect ideas around the topic of sea water aquariums. It shows the spatial and technical possibilities to set up your reef tank at home in the living room, bedroom or office.

For this we travel through Europe to capture the perfect pictures for you.

So please enjoy and best regards

Tobias Neyer


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  1. Absolutely stunning – this is art! Can you share the brand of rock you bought to create the floating look? And do you have any tips of suggestions on how to go about creating a floating reef? Looking for fundamental tips on how to structurally engineer the floating rock formation.

  2. To put some water in the wine: coloration of the corals isn't the best. i would recommend something else than essentials or essentials pro. theres def. a purpose for why it's a bargain. Also i am trying to understand why there's such a low ph? U wrote 7,5/8. While 8 is acceptable, 7,5 is def. way too low, especially when there is a co2 scrubber on the Supermarine. I would say, there has to be more air intake thru the speedy.

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