RECOLETA CEMETERY | Buenos Aires, Argentina

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These days we went on a guided tour of the Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Nate spent most of the time not listening to the tour manual and getting pictures with our new gimbal 🙂

***Journey VLOG 276***
Song by Andrew Applepie: Sweet Tomorrow

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  1. The story about the girl who was buried alive is actually quite common back in history That is why they hold "wakes" – they stemmed from the days when it was easy to bury people who were actually alive. So the held a "wake" to make sure the dead did not wake up and that they were really dead.

  2. Wait! The Eva Peron thing, you guys were being serious? I'm the same age as you and i know who Eva person is. WTH, disappointed does not even come close. There really is no excuse for ignorance of this kind. (PS This is coming form someone that actually loves you guys)

  3. "Some girl named Eva Peron" was the First Lady of Argentina from '46-'52 via her husband, Juan Peron; the movie "Evita" is about her, and was played by Madonna. The song "Don't cry for me, Argentina" came from that.

  4. i am so surprised you didn't already know who Eva Peron was. there is a musical thats about her called Evita and the song dont cry for me Argentina came from the musical.

  5. I only know about Eva Perón because of watching your videos and all the People hating. Pleeeeease all stop beding mean. Love your videos:) keep going you cant know all people

  6. Fine, you are young and your world understanding is a direct result of the self centered american view but you need to be aware that you run a very well put together vlog with considerable number of viewers, thus, you own your viewers some accuracy in your statements, if not sure, please, just skip it.
    Besides the Evita thing highly commented below you have said that it is your understanding that polo was invented in Argentina, well, it is not.
    Based on an original similar game played in India by the time the Brits were running the country, they adapted the original game into modern polo, becoming a very high class emblematic British sport.
    As happened with many other sports brought by the Brits to Argentina, it was adopted by locals which in this case, drove it to a superior level by taking advantage of the wide spread horse culture and easy access to it in most of the country.
    Certainly Argentina is by far the number one polo country but that doesn't make it and Argentina invented sport.
    If you want to see an Argentinian invented horse riding sport look for Pato, the official national sport of the country.

  7. over past like month i have gone and watched all your videos up to this point and love them. it fills my wanderlust and holds me over till i leave for asia in a month. keep them up

  8. I'm from South America (Brazil), and I've never heard about Eva Peron until before I visited Buenos Aires too. But when I was there I noticed that this woman is the soul and the meaning from Argentina.

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