Raspberry Pi: Beginners’ Guide, Everything You Need to Know About Raspberry Pi – Kindle Edition now Free @ Amazon #traveldeals

For folks who wanted to have a play or two with their PI this well reviewed Kindle book should come handy, currently free as well to pick up.

This book contains lots of valuable information that will improve your general understanding of the Raspberry Pi, and the book contains many explanations that will help you understand the Raspberry Pi better.

Things you will study:

  • The Raspberry Pi Family
  • Broadcom Chip Systems
  • Interoperability with other Products
  • The GNU / Linux System
  • Peripherals of RPI
  • Communications
  • I2C
  • UART Communications
  • SPI Communications
  • Network Communications
  • C development
  • Programming the Peripherals
  • I2C interface Programming
  • SPI C Programming
  • Projects that you can do with the Raspberry Pi

Hope it helps someone.

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