Rainy Canal Walk ☔ – London's Little Venice from Paddington Basin

Filmed: Thursday 3 December 2020
Today we will walk along Paddington Basin, Grand Union Canal, to Little Venice London in the rain. You will see many narrowboats as we walk along the canal. Enjoy the stroll and rain!
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🎧 For an even more immersive experience, be sure to put on your headphones and listen in 3D / Binaural audio.
‘Audio was recorded with binaural microphones at the same time I filmed video. I don’t reuse somebody else’s content’

Route Timestamps
00:00 Paddington Basin
24:15 Delamere Terrace
24:59 Westbourne Terrace Road Bridge
26:14 Blomfield Road
29:25 Warwick Avenue

Sight Timestamps (Please see the pinned comment for the associated times below)
● Floating Pocket Park
● The Fan Bridge
● The Rolling Bridge /
● St Mary’s Hospital
● Station Footbridge
● Paddington Station
● Darcie & May Green / Australian Restaurant
● Paddington Bear statue
● Degital art ‘Message from an Unseen World’
● Sculpture ‘Two Figures”Walking Man and Standing Man’ by Sean Henry
● Paddington Central
● Foot Bridge
● Little Venice
● Puppet Theatre Barge
● Warwick Avenue Station
● St Saviour’s Church

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Equipment list:
📷 Camera: GoPro 7 –
📷 Gimbal: Hohem –
📷 Audio Recorder: H1n –
📷 Microphone: Roland Binaural Mic –
📷 Memory Card: Sandisk Extreme –
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  1. Sight Timestamps

    00:44 The Fan Bridge

    00:53 Floating Pocket Park
    03:03 St Mary's Hospital

    04:23 The Rolling Bridge

    07:17 Station Footbridge

    10:15 Paddington Station

    10:30 Darcie & May Green / Australian Restaurant

    11:20 Paddington Bear statue

    11:48 Degital art 'Message from an Unseen World'

    12:20 Paddington Central

    14:42 Foot Bridge

    15:43 Sculpture 'Two Figures''Walking Man and Standing Man' by Sean Henry

    17:56 Little Venice

    28:08 Puppet Theatre Barge

    31:43 Warwick Avenue Station

    31:56 St Saviour's Church

  2. Enjoyed this walk tremendously! Love this eclectic part of London, especially the canal at the point where there were houseboats at 22.15 I think, with lots of trees and vegetation on the shores. I was disappointed that you made a U turn and did not go further down the side of the canal! Hopefully, you will revisit this area in the future. Great walk! Thank you!

  3. Physics says it's impossible to be in two different places at the same time. Well, Sanpo made it possible for me. While my body stayed in Buenos Aires my soul was having a wonderful stroll in London Little Venice. Thank you for the magic.

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