Racial tensions rise in South Africa after White farm manager murder | World News

Racial tensions have risen in South Africa this week since the murder of a white farmer by suspected two Black men earlier this month. Watch report.

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  1. I don't care if you are black blue yellow red or rainbow end of the day i will respect you as i like to be treated, this thing of categories every one because of race, culture and religion to rich and poor is bullshit …we are all human.
    Just because your government is racist or corrupt, doesn't mean you are, you know whats right and wrong so with that understanding, why should you have the right to treat people disrespectful? You think this is a SA problem…. no it a world problem it happens in every country we as people got to change not our country because with out us there will be nothing

  2. It is really pity what has happened. South africa was a better place for both whites and blacks during apartheid era. Now it is in a path of becoming another Zimbabwe

  3. Racism is not even in the first hundred of our problems. The word "racism" is being kept alive by those who earn a living from it's existence.

  4. the reason white people are racist towards black people is because of procreation – when a black person & white person come together, they produce a black child AND that child is NEVER considered white!

    Racism keeps black people away – its the same reason they used segregation during apartheid…. apartheid means ‘apartness’, not mixing with each other !

    So white people are racist because of self-preservation & to secure a future for themselves on earth.

    A racist white person is someone very insecure, fearful and helpless.

    Because of their shortage of Melanin, which is a pigment abundantly available in black people, their survival on earth is highly threatened & they respond by being racist.

    But unfortunately with globalization & a warm temperature in Africa attracting them from all European countries, their future is not guaranteed.

    In my experience, most black people don’t even get why white people are racist.

  5. The government sings songs of killing whites. They have rallies to attack whites. Songs saying kill whites. But the media ignore all of it. Infact the media make it look like its a racist white and their death was justified due to crime. The typical excuse. oh its just crime….like thats acceptable. Its time for revenge and the government will deliver the same treatment blacks had in apartheid only they will do it and noone is going to help the white man.

  6. The Committee of 300 aka the black nobility, basically the crown. These group of 300 men have ruled and profited off the opium trade all the way back to the good old east India tea company etc they didn't have just bulbs of tulips now it was not tulips. They ruled and control the world from top to bottom. Just look into them. Dan Coleman is the man that brought this to light with sources to as much as possible

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