I cancelled my insurance policy with RAC now one month back thanks to providing my vehicle hence no for a longer period requiring insurance. I received notification that it was cancelled & have the evidence of cancellation. I was advised that the revenue would be reimbursed to me within five-7 functioning days.. It can be now been a month & I nevertheless DONT have the revenue reimbursed. ( i can offer them with evidence the revenue has never went into my account).
I have phoned them on 4 instances considering that the initial mobile phone connect with to cancel my policy to try out and take care of the scenario to be consistently advised to “wait” it will be on its way they have authorised the payment from their finish. the last time i phoned which was now over a week back (functioning days) they advised me they would cancel the authentic refund and reissue it to me with a marker on it so they can see when it is credited to my account – all over again advised this would get five-7 functioning days. We have now achieved that and all over again nevertheless no revenue in my account.
I have checked they are reimbursing to the proper card which they are, i have checked with my financial institution (as RAC attempted to make on my financial institution would be with holding the revenue) and there is no problems with my card. I dont know what to do apart from maintain phoning them. But it appears i am receiving no wherever. I cant maintain phoning them endlessly just to be advised to maintain ready.
does anyone have any guidance as to what I ought to do or wherever I can convert to?
there ought to be something I can do. Proper now they are nevertheless in possession of MY revenue without having my consent… doesnt that equate to theft!?
i have never experienced any troubles with RAC prior to this but this is the 1st time i have experienced to cancel my policy. They are a substantial enterprise so I wouldnt have believed it very likely that they purposefully withhold my revenue but “weve authorised the payment” just is not fantastic more than enough.The revenue which rightfully belongs to me has not been refunded – there ought to be something I can do?
(heading to e mail them detailing anything but not holding my breath)

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