Quit Your Job, Travel the World & Move to Germany: An Interview with @Passport Two #Germany #travel

Do you want to quit your job, travel the world and maybe move to Germany? That’s exactly what @Passport Two did. Find out more about their story, their journey around the world and their move to Germany.

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What is a Volkshochschule?:
Information about integration courses in Germany:
Information about getting a visa in Germany:
What to expect at each level of language learning A1-C2:
Easy German Podcast:
Donnie speaking German in a video:
Really old video of Herr Antrim reading “der goldene Schlüssel”:
1st Graphic used for language acquisition hours:
2nd Graphic used for language acquisition hours:
Deutsche Welle German Learning Resources:
Nico’s Weg from Deutsche Welle:
Find a Group to Practice German via Meetup. Just search for “Stammtisch”:
Learn more about German community groups here:

0:00 Introduction
1:04 Just Quit and Go Travel?
2:40 Step-by-Step Guide to Moving to Germany
3:22 Jobs in Germany for American Speech Pathologists
6:04 What is Donnie doing?
7:34 How well do you speak German?
9:33 How has COVID 19 affected your German learning?
11:30 Dealing with Germans who just switch to English
12:57 Working on pronunciation
16:56 How to pass the INTERMEDIATE PLATEAU
19:46 How long does it take to become fluent in German?
20:44 How is Aubrey learning German?
21:53 Nicos Weg from Deutsche Welle
22:39 Encouraging Words for German Learners
25:22 What is really important when learning a language?
26:25 How to make friends in Germany
28:57 Thanks to Passport Two! Go Subscribe to Their Channel!

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  1. Super Video, viele Fragen, die ich auch an die beiden hatte, wurden hier beantwortet!
    Freue mich schon bald wieder ein deutsches Video von euch zu sehen! Ihr habt doch neulich erzählt, dass sowieso die Mehrheit eurer Zuschauer *innen deutsch sind, da würde das doch auch eure Community freuen!

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