Qubool Hai – Karan Singh Grover and Surbhi Jyoti South Africa Trip Interview – Part 3

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Forum 32 brings you the promised interview on South Africa Trip with Karan Singh Grover and Surbhi Jyoti who play Asad Ahmed Khan and Zoya Farooqui in Qubool Hai FOLLOW US:
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  1. Eng translation of this part

    Surbhi said everything of Durban was very good except food.. She thanked everone for the love that they got there. They also went to a Pakistani restaurant to eat. That had a same name like Indian restaurant. Karan thought they will get something veg there. But Surbhi only ate mashroom and roti there.
    They wanted to eat in foodcourt. But in the mall they were mobbed. Karan tried to make Surbhi understand that they were known to people and so people will come and say 'hi' to them. But Surbhi was awed that so many people came and surrounded them, showered with recognition. She felt like she is in India.
    Surbhi said she and Karan together completes the sentences in interview. Karan said he only fills in those words which she skips as filler, when she forgets some detail or stop for a moment as supporting cast. Surbhi said he does that as superstar also.
    Next day they left for Johannesburg. Surbhi was too sleepy. Karan said he was also sleepy in journey towards Johannesburg. But after reaching there Karan was taking late to get ready. Surbhi called him why he was being late only to wear a shoe. Why he is taking 15 minutes to get ready taking time like a girl.
    The hotel view theme of carnival was so beautifully colored. Surbhi room had a good view. But Karan room had a view of road only. Karan was not in a mood to go to gym. So, he only did some work out in his room with his bag and chair. Surbhi said he loves gym. F32 also said that Karan wanted to go to gym the other day after shooting at 4 of night. But gym was closed.
    Karans bag was a mess there. Karan tries to carry less bags in travelling. He tries to put as much cloth he can in a bag and then sits on the bag and tries to close the bag chain. Then again when he opens the bag later all his things gets scattered around from inside the bag.
    He also did not take shampoo to use there. Surbhi offered her shampoo and conditioner to him. But Karan used hotel's shampoo. And he also said that he does not use conditioner. F32 said his hair is naturally conditioned. If he uses condiotioner then what will happen to the silkyness. Karan said yeah, people remove nekab from face then he may had to use his hand to remove hair from face. He is using gel now so the hairs are stuck somewhere. But in childhood all may have seen his movie he said jokingly that he used to become 'Mogli' cartoon character. Surbhi was laughing hearing all these. Karan said that there may be some chocolates in her hair. He pretended to remove that.

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