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Intro ft. Hayley Alexis

Ep. 1 – Maria-Teresa Patuzzi

Ep. two – Nick Joesten

Ep. three – Kia Lindroos

Ep. four – Vanessa Carmen

Ep. five – Esra Eren

Ep. six – Daniela Goronja

Ep. seven – Kpaou Kondodji

Ep. 8 – Marian Knecht


THE MUNICH Information:
Ep. 1: Odeonsplatz –
Ep. two: Marienplatz –
Ep. three: Schwabing –
Ep. four: Nymphenburg/Neuhausen –
Ep. five: Haidhausen –

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  1. Thank you for answering my question, although you could not contribute anything specific, because you were not (yet) confronted with the problem…
    I still have two fan corrections to this video:
    1) Your knowledge of German must be well over 6/10, as you have successfully completed your studies here. Missing technical terms in areas outside your fields of interest are not a sign of a lack of general language skills. Otherwise many native Germans would also have to have the same low German language skills as you claim to have… 😉
    2) It's almost impossible that you haven't been outside Bavaria in all your time in Germany. There is at least one YT video of you in which you are in Straßburg. If you came from Munich for this visit, you had to cross a whole other German Bundesland. Except you had some very special mode of transportation… 🙂
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi
    Great channel, I am Comming to Munich mid of Feb this year for 2 weeks, I want to experience the Bavarian culture and have a new experience. while I was searching youtube for videos on Munich I came across your channel, and I love it. Keep up the great work.

    I will be coming from Saudia Arabia and it is quite hot and humid in here and I am a bit concerned about the cold weather in Munich. The other thing is that I like photography and I like to document people culture using pictures. How are the germans interim oh being photographed in the streets and in restaurants for example?

    this is my Instagram account if you want to have a look: @omarallehyani


  3. Klasse! 🙂
    Dein Deutsch ist deiner Meinung nach 6/10? Hahahaha… Ich kenne dich ja nicht wirklich persönlich, aber ich würde eher sagen 9/10. Und deine Aussprache ist definitiv 10/10! Du bist 'n Deutsches Mädchen, sorry! 🙂

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