Pros and Cons of living in Venice Florida

In this video we’re talking about the 5 things we love, and the 5 things we’re not that crazy about.

If you are🤔 thinking about 🚛moving to Venice Florida and not sure if this is the place for you, keep 👀watching. Each week we will put out a new video🎥 about Venice Florida, you’ll be packing in no time.
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  1. Hot to gripe, however I find the traffic as being a pain and moves to slow for me. It will likely get worse. I think the places to eat ( pre covid) as being over all very good and better than others told me to expect.

  2. Hi! I am moving to Venice from Indiana with my teen daughter. I cant wait to settle there. We went to visit and felt in love with Venice. I am building in Gran Paradiso, but it will be down in January. I have little issue with finding temporary stays. My house closing in Indiana is in October and nowhere i can find a short term rent. Airbnb is crazy expensive for 3 month plus i cant bring my cat. This video was helpful to make me stronger in my Venice decision.

  3. I'm homesick, right now we're stuck up north for the duration of the pandemic, we live in metro NYC with quarantines and etc., but we have a house in Englewood area just south of Venice. We always enjoy going to Venice, it has that old Florida vibe, that it's genuine and belongs there, not a phony facade. The only negative you left out, traffic, we do not go far during snowbird season, we stay mostly local, the highways and cities are a traffic nightmare. But if you can take 3-4 months of that, the rest of the year it's paradise.

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