Property Hunters Worldwide March ( 05, 2019 ) Reconnecting in Bariloche

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  1. They are a gorgeous beautiful loving caring fun funny silly family and couple. The children are just too adorable big time. They are incredible for having 6 children so close together in age. I could never handle that ever but I think it’s because I use to work in daycare lol lol.

    House 1 i love how someone really put the love/time into the home. It’s really far from the school/town so will be hard. It truly feels like a vacation home more. It’s not my cup of tea and I don’t like the home at all.

    House 2 It still look/feel like a vacation home more. It has way way too much wood/woody look for my taste. It’s extremely small for a big family like them self but could still work. I don’t like it.

    House 3 is super close to the road and lake. It’s definitely very old and grandma like for sure. The home is very nature like for sure. I don’t like it at all.

  2. Thanks Phu Quoc24 for sharing House Hunters. Your small screen taken up by the big frame in previous vids gone and I really appreciate your effort to please your viewers. God bless

  3. Totally in love with the first house – frikking awesome – but they made the right choice. They are such amazing parents – so happy and calm all the time AND with 6 wonderful kids !!!!

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