Prince Harry with Meghan dances with boy in South Africa

HARRY, Meghan and infant Archie have arrived in Cape Town for their first Royal Tour as a family members just after their business British Airways flight was delayed by 40 minutes. 

The couple began their 10-working day tour by going to the township of Nyanga the place they were being greeted by area children…

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  1. Africa the greatest land of the living. We love you Harry Meghan Archie. Let the mourner's continue to lament in their foolishness. And why many likes? Is because Harry, Meghan and Archie are the best.

  2. Who really cares what they do. I have no interest in them and I know I'm not the only one. I would rather watch my microwave heat up some beans than watch these people on the news.

  3. She is an ugly reptile , her black family , black uncle gave her a good job in an embassy and she didn't even invited him to her wedding or the christening . She ignore her black gran mother too .

  4. Love what you are doing Harry and Meghan. You always put a smile on my face. Keep up the good works. You inspire people who want to be positive in their outlook on life.
    And to all the haters out there keep on hating. I hear it’s great for the soul. Lol. Eventually that’s all you’ll be capable of. in fact I hope thats all you’ll be capable of. So please don’t stop. EVER.

  5. I counted at least TWO UK registered Range Rovers carting them around. I bet there’s at least 3 plus no doubt at least 24 protection officers to cover 24/7.

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