Prime 12 Tourist Attractions in Venezuela

This video find out about prime 12 tourist attractions in Venezuela. Venezuela is a state on the northern coastline of South America.
Angel Falls, Los Roques, Mount Roraima, Pico Bolívar are the primary attractions in Venezuela
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Orinoco Delta by Gosia Malochleb
Pico Bolívar by Erik Cleves Kristensen
Morrocoy National Park by Rodrigo Ruiz Ciancia
Medanos de Coro by Carlos Adampol Galindo
Mochima National Park by David Lawrence
Los Llanos by CaplinRous
Isla Margarita by Cursor
Mount Roraima by Paolo Costa Baldi
Merida Cable Car or truck by Venezuela1
Choroni by Luis
Los Roques by whltravel
Angel Falls by Erik Cleves Kristensen


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