President Donald Trump Will make Surprise Go to To Iraq And Germany | These days #Germany #vacation

President Trump, alongside with 1st woman Melania Trump, built a surprise check out to U.S. troops in Iraq on Wednesday, his 1st journey to an lively combat zone due to the fact taking place of work. Trump later visited Germany. Meanwhile in the U.S., the govt remains shut down. NBC’s Hallie Jackson studies.
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President Donald Trump Will make Surprise Go to To Iraq And Germany | These days



  1. Former four-star Gen. Barry McCaffrey, who was awarded three Purple Heart medals, two Distinguished Service Crosses, and two Silver Stars, described Trump's visit as "embarrassing" and "entirely inappropriate"

  2. SURPRISE!!! I’m still your president! even though it’s blatantly obvious I colluded with Vladimir Putin and just gave him (Putin) a xmas gift in Syria. Merry Xmas Putin


  3. 5 billion is NOTHING when compared to the tens of Billions we cough up for the costs of illegal immigration each year. The democrats and media are trying to fool the American people over a minuscule percentage of the Nation’s overall budget.

  4. Trump is a satanist , he answers to only one , the devil , he is doing the devils work , do not be fooled by his charm or wit or anything he says , he is not for the people he is for the new world order and the depopulation of earth , the calm before the storm is now thats his way of saying , wake up people if you are going to stop us you had better do it now because we have plans for you and it wont be pretty and many will die . Arrest Trump and the rest of the cabal now before its too late

  5. Very proud of our president and the First Lady Now its time our media to stop attacking our president over everything and start showing the positive so I can start to trust the media again. A video shows the truth the narrative of the video tell only lies about the video.

  6. Trump coward lardass…travels to Iraq to tell the troops how great he is…and how their mission sucks. Trump is the most terrific …amazing… fantastic turd of all time. And… draft dodger… stop saying WE when you talk about combat you turd.

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