Pope enjoys gondola experience in Venice

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  1. This is a video about the Holy Father enjoying a boat ride. It is rather charming. So what are all these comments about the child abuse issue?
    Don't worry that will still be on his desk when he gets back to Rome. Meanwhile, Pope Benedict is in a gondola in Venice.

  2. @madhlooty There was not a slow reaction. It's just that during the 60s and 70s (maybe even before), there was bad formation of priests in the seminaries. So a good number of these guys just emerged from that era and it took the Church a while to suppress it. If you look at an abuse chart, you can see that the number of cases steadily declined until today, when there are very few in comparison.

  3. How come more momentum was not given to this in its earlier stages?… its so easy to see why the secular public/lapsed Catholics/other Christians are so easy to distrust the Catholic church after the Church's slow action to this serious problem. I'm a lapsed Catholic, and am no way trying to attack the church. I am just curious.

  4. Should not the pope himself as the responsible head/leader of his flock/church be held accountable for this crime through the judicial system..or does his papal infallibility become above the law? The judicial system upholds rights for everyone, despite religion, so why should he have exemption from this? Sexual abuse is a direct violation of a child's basic human right…Apologies are no substitute for justice. Maybe someone who knows the Italian vs. Vatican judicial system can clarify this.

  5. @danumba1drumma This is such an ignorant response. First of all, proportionally speaking, the Catholic Church doesn't have a larger abuse problem in relation to other churches and secular institutions. Second, Pope Benedict XVI had done so much to fight child abuse in the Church. (Investigations, depositions of bad bishops, implementation of safe environment screenings, etc). Lastly, the pope is one of the busiest men on earth. Sorry he can't spend 100% of his time working.

  6. @danumba1drumma Everyone needs a vacation. And he is doing a lot about the child abuse level. He is calling out all the Bishops and the seminaries. Over the past several years many of the priests are being held accountable and being prosecuted in the judicial system. If there is something more, perhaps you should do something too.

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