Pompeo scraps Merkel talks in Germany, takes solution trip to Iraq #Germany #vacation

폼페이오, 베를린 방문직전 일정 취소…”국제적 안보문제 때문”

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo canceled a stop by to Berlin on Tuesday at quick discover,… citing (quotation) “urgent challenges” that forced him to pull out of talks with Chancellor Angela Merkel.
People “urgent challenges” were being exposed later.
The State Department later saying Pompeo made an unannounced stop by to Baghdad for talks with Iraq’s leaders, including the key minister.
Pompeo reportedly explained to them he stood by their struggle for liberty and democracy.
Watchers say his trip could be owing to Washington’s growing tensions with Iran and reassure the Iraqis of America’s determination to the nation.

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  1. The world should not trust the US anymore, all invasions committed by the US around the world had been committed by lying committing genocides, creating chaos and crisis, blocking the medicines for innocents in conspiracy with the media news to make the people turn to its own government, at the end of WWII USA gave false entities to the Nazis and brought them into the US soil to work instead of prosecuting them for crimes against humanity and war crimes, this coward acts are inhuman, so this acts began to create a question on me, does the atomic bomb in the middle of the civilians in Hiroshima was it necessary? Why the US haven't been demanded for those barbaries against humanity around the world

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