Pokémon GO in NEW Spots with NEW POKÉMON! (+ Notre Dame Cathedral) #Germany #vacation

These days in Pokémon GO we adventure to Paris and Germany! Germany for the Twitchcon Party and to discover around Berlin for the to start with time. These days we also get a Model NEW Pokémon in Pokémon GO! Shoutout to the Berlin fam who arrived out to Neighborhood Day!

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  1. You know the Notre Dame Cathedral Burned down half to most of the way taking heavy Damage but I feel sorry for the People and All the workers that has to Rebuild the massive Most Legendary Landmark and maybe one of the Oldest Landmarks ever still existing cuz I felt Sad and with a Heavy Sad Heart for the people of Notre Dame which I believe the Notre Dame Cathedral was the Most important piece of a bygone Era of History of the Movie Hunchback of Notre Dame, Believe me that's a Classic Movie showing a Major piece of a bygone history of the Biggest, most massive, oldest piece of history The Notre Dame Cathedral

  2. I’ve got to ask Mystic, why did you continue Pokémon go up to now – years after the trend ended? Had you switched to other games, you’d be growing rapidly (3 mil+). But instead you’ve grown like 100k in 1.5 years. Anyway I enjoy your content and appreciate that you do what you love

  3. I’m really liking these videos since you’re taking more time for yourself; now you’re truly experiencing the places that you’re in, we actually are too…… prioritise that work life balance because honestly, it’s really improving your work and hopefully making you feel better too

  4. I stopped playing in 2016 but I'm back and trying to level up fast so if people could add me and let me send them gifts that'd be great 🙂 2178 8759 6627 is my friend code

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