Places to Visit in Madrid Spain! One day trip Only! #Spain #travel

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Beacuse of youtube i found friends! Who sponsor all this trip! Thank you so much for the opportunity to travel to Madrid Spain! Even if im not monetized, but i found such a lovely nice friends! Its more than enough to be happy & im so blessed.

Thanks for watching mga Palangga..

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  1. New friend to your channel. Thank you for sharing this video this place is absolutely beautiful definitely a place to visit also I look forward to watching more of your videos and if you wouldn't mind please stop by my channel show me some love click that red button and become my friend and thank you again

    Mama's Little lambs

  2. Ang laag gwafa happy kau mga pictures. Segovia unique kau name. Tala dance nahimu leron leron sinta ka joker jud nimu gwafah. Kadako mannd i sa Segovia Cathedral. Dedicated to mary ang simbahan. Plaza Mayor makahinumdom man pud ta ani sa ato history. Royal palace ako nabal an kay Royal orange juice hahahha yotz wandering apila ko sa imu palaag bwahahhaha

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