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Rome tourists on open-top bus are irresistible snowball target

Tourists on an open-top sightseeing bus were pelted by snowballs as they drove toward the Colosseum in Rome on February 26, as Rome was hit by its first snow in years. Snowball fights were also seen at other historic sites, including the Vatican and the Forum, while the Circus Maximus became a playground for locals enjoying […]

Top ten Destinations IN GERMANY! #Germany #journey

► Subscribe | Abonnieren: ► Germany Playlist: —- ↓↓↓ Simply click ‘SHOW MORE’ below to see more information and facts | Unten klicken um mehr zu sehen ↓↓↓ — In this article are the top ten Destinations in Germany according to Tripadvisor* — ► Nuremberg – Range one detail to do: ► Top Motels in […]

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