Place 2014: Würzburg #Germany #vacation

The city of Würzburg in Bavaria, Germany, is the capital of Decrease Franconia and has a heritage extending at the very least as significantly back as 704 BC. And there is no hiding the actuality that religion has often been really significant.

Music by:
Kevin MacLeod
Dan O’Connor
Jason Shaw

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Postfach ten 06 29
63704 Aschaffenburg

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  1. Having been fortunate enough to spend 8 months at the University of Würzburg over 30 years ago, your video brought back many fond memories and informed me about a few things I hadn't been aware of. Vielen Dank!

  2. Looks like a beautiful city – I'm glad the old buildings were restored.
    Thinking about visiting here. This video helps as I have a rough idea what to expect.
    Your narration is so calming, and it's obvious a lot of research was done. Thank you for sharing these videos of the places you visit.

  3. I once found pictures of condition the Falkenhaus after WWII. It was so badly damaged I am amazed that any attempt to reconstruct it was made. About all that was left was about half of the facade and parts of the side walls. Amazing work to reconstruct this one of a kind building. It was a joy to take lunch at a little outdoor cafe just across from it.

  4. Awwww, I'm getting slightly homesick <3
    I hope when you visited the "alte Mainbrücke" you also drank some wine 😉 It's a really nice experience ;D

    It's really awesome how you manage to only capture the pretty parts of this city on Camera and ignore the uglier ones 😀

    Also, I'm glad that you included the memorial of the bombing of WWII. It was really bad, and knowing that it is only luck that you are alive (my grandmother lived in Würzburg back then, and her best friend and neighbour died then…) is kind of gratifying… (I am not 100% sure that is the right word, but I don't dare look it up, as this is the 3rd time I'm writing this comment because for some reason this Computer always deletes it when I take to long not writing! D: )

  5. Wurzburg was the first place I was assigned to when I was in the Army. I was supposed to be assigned to 3rd Infantry Division.  Luckily they didn't keep me and sent me back to the 21st replacement battalion in Frankfort 🙂

  6. @RManFlint no no revenge. Because there was nothing you could have revenged like that. The uk started with the bombings and Germany only bombed London a little bit while the uk and the zss usa bombed every german city.

  7. Sad that all the great german cities got destroyed in and after ww2 by senseless bombings of the "allies". Hundreds of hundreds years of great german and world-history has been destroyed for actually nothing. And Millions died.

  8. Danke für deine Videos. Ich bin Brasilianerin und liebe nach Deutschland reisen. Nur einmal war ich da aber mit deinem Videos kann ich danach noch reisen. Ich träume ins Deutschland leben aber es ist unmöglich. Danke nochmals. Die gefallen mir sehr.
    Entschuldigung für die Fehler, ich kann nicht gut Deustch. 

  9. I juts want to say thanky you.
    Like You I moved to another country (Germany ->Ireland). And Würzburg is not really known here. Now I have something to show where I come from. 🙂  
    A little Side note. There are plenty Events in this town such as the Afrika- Festival Or the U&D (Umsonst und drasussen – a free music festival) . Just to call the two biggest. 
    How ever very well done.:D  Oh man, I think I am getting home sick. :')

  10. I spent a year in this city. The fact that in that very year I got sick with depression tells the story. Sorry to everyone who loves the city and finds it beautiful, but to me, Würzburg will always be an unfriendly, unwelcoming part of Germany.

  11. It's a pity that no photography is allowed in the Würzburg Residence. It has one of the most striking interior decorations, I have ever seen- the fresco's of Neumann's staircase, While Hall & Imperial Hall. All so magnificent indeed! Wouldn't the authorities allow you to make a video for educational/ recreational purposes? 

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