Philips UV-C Disinfection Desk Lamp #traveldeals

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A great gadget by Philips that disinfects rooms up to 5mtrs from the lamp, as used in hospitals on a larger scale, kills Covid! Choose from 15 / 30 or 45 minute sessions dependent on the size of your room.

BEWARE this is dangerous to animals and humans so the door must be closed whilst in operation, the machine speaks to you and tells you exactly what to do, if it senses anyone within 5mtrs in line of sight it auto shuts off.

I have one and the build and operation is great, I can’t see the bugs so hard to tell what happened to them and can’t see any dead spikey Covid bugs lying motionless on the floor, but I’m sure Philips would not sell rubbish, and as stated these are being used more and more in schools, hospitals e.t.c. BEWARE it will ripen your bananas

Even if you don’t get this one on the deal they are a great bit of kit and could save your life from infections and bacteria.

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