Peter Franzen Tours Us Around King Harald’s Kingdom | VIKINGS #Germany #travel

Season 5 of “Vikings” really is a new world with Floki heading to Iceland and Bjorn exploring the Mediterranean, but there is a new location for fans that’s familiar to one of the show’s most ambitious characters as well! Peter Franzen takes Erin Cebula on a behind-the-scenes tour of Tumdrip, and teases a homecoming fit for a King!

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  1. Im sure she thinking: "Gosh you hot northman, throw me on that whale carcass, strip off all my clothes and take me from behind while i hold myself on those whale ribs sticking my head through them" xddd

  2. This is amazing!I love KING HARALD!!! hes my fav character alongside bjorn … HE SHALL BECOME KING OF ALLLLLL NORWAY ! astrid would be a badass wife that rivals lagertha they compliment eachother (astrid n harald) very very well!
    Amazing video!

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