People today who have frequented Germany, what astonished, astonished or intrigued you the most? #Germany #travel

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  1. 8:25 I'd prefer getting a licence at 16. Some people here finish school with 15 , so being allowed to drive can be very important, especial in rural areas.
    Also getting a driving license (which is very important in rural areas cause there is not enough public transportation) shouldn't be 2000€!!! Not all people have that much money but still need to get somewhere.

  2. „Mommy, please read me a bedtime story!“
    „Which one? The one about the girl that played with fire and burned to death, the one about the boy who got his thumb cut off by a man with giant scissors, the man who whipped his wife and got bitten by a dog, the chubby boy who became anorexic and starved to death or the boy who stole his father‘s drug pipe and got really high or maybe the one where two boys get thrown into a baking machine? Sleep very well, darling!“

  3. As for the age 18 limit for drivers licenses: you can actually get it at 17 now, but a parent has to be co-driver if you drive at that age. The idea is to get you some more experience while supervised by someone more responsible before unleashing you on public traffic on your own. It has helped lower accident rates, because young drivers are the most in danger of accidents.

    In case any foreigner wonders about the Bielefeld not existing joke: it's an old meme by some guy mocking conspiracy theories. An exercise in using logical sounding arguments to prove an absurd hypothesis.

  4. as a german I can write and read in english almost fluently, but i dont know how two pronounce shit, because i only learned english through the internet
    also i have huge problems to pronounce the r and make it often to a w

  5. I visited Aachen in 2015 and loved it. I was staying at my aunt's place near Liège in Belgium for summer vacation, and one day she just randomly suggests going to Germany for the day. That was kind of odd for me as a Canadian living in the USA, as usually a trip to another country means hours of driving (I live in southern NH so the Canadian border in 4 hours north, and then 1 extra hour of driving to get from the border to Montreal), but we just rode the Thalys train for 20 minutes to get to Aachen. Once I got there I then also realized the Netherlands was right next door lmao

  6. If you like autobahn… don't drive between hannover and brunswick on the A2. I live there. Theres just accidents nonstop and most of the time you can't use it cause its blocked due to construction or accidents

  7. 0:32 after WW2 thew Allies conducted studies on how Grimm fairytales affect the Psyche of children in an attempt to find the reason so many Germans were on board with the many attrocities committed in their name. This research however was discovered to be a dead end.

    Turns out many people just drop their empathy when someone else is seemingly taking responsibility for their actions as Milgram proved in his Torture Experiment.

  8. As a german, about the english language: I like to think i‘m quite proficient in written english and my listening skills are pretty much perfect i would say (not trying to boast at all), but the second i’m actually speaking i feel like i’m a complete idiot, can’t get a word out without stuttering bs, when my thoughts are formed pretty nice. I hate it.

  9. The Bavaria-Scotland comparison is faulty in the way that Bavarians are mostly conservative and Scots somewhat centre-left when it comes to politics. But both love their culture to death

  10. You know you are German when your favorite bedtime story was about a lady who tried to kill her stepdaughter and ended up dancing to her death in Iron shoes. Aah.. Good old times ☺

  11. Their punctuality. I mean it’s impressive. I came from a Mediterranean country so we’re chill. During a school trip we got late to a museum (another class’ fault) and we had to pay a fee. The tour guide then told us “If you are late in Germany you lose friends” damn.

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