People pay a visit to NORTH GERMANY for the 1st TIME! | St. Pauli Hamburg #Germany #travel

Silas Nacita and conner Sullivan travel to North Germany to film with Pro7, a German Television set station. They pay a visit to Hamburg, St. Pauli, and Sylt. Subscribe to see more of their adventures.

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  1. You are one of my favorite youtubers but this video was really bad and absolutely ridiculous, at least that's my opinion. I mean wtf, how old are you? 12? If Kaitlyn doesn't allow you to go into sex shops or just look at other girls without any bad intentions, something clearly went wrong in your relationship.
    And that you are always talking about being open minded makes the whole situation even more ridiculous because what you are doing there is exactly the opposite of being open minded.

  2. Oh my god Silas.. honestly. You have "rebel" tatooed on your arm. Stop with your forced close-mindedness. Stop being this fanatic christian person, that`s not you and you know it. Just because you´re married doesn´t mean you have to become Jesus and "protect your eyes". That did not sit well with me. This is supid and kindergarden behaviour.

  3. Hey silas, i for once think this was a great vid. Unlike most people here in the comments you are actually married and have a little more knowledge. For example to only let yourself be infleunced by what you want ro be influenced. You dont HAVE to be in sexshops or whatsoever to have a good relationship like these people are saying. Sexshops and dungeons are not part of most germans everyday lives and it really does not require your attention. In a country where 50% of the marriages fail no wonder you get comments like these. Keep on being a good husband!

  4. Kind of weird to close your eyes. I understand that you are religious and that you as an American have mixed feelings about open sexuality but come on it’s only a sexshop. It’s just a childish reaction from someone who is in my eyes one of the most open minded persons on YouTube. Hope you still enjoyed the north!

  5. Hey Silas, I like that you are staying true to yourself. I went over the Reeperbahn and just had bad feeling being there. I totally understand your reaction and love how you share your thoughts on this kind of subject.
    Count your blessings

  6. Das ist das paradoxe an den USA. Sie haben die größte Pornoindustrie, aber gleichzeitig war der entblößte Nippel von Janet Jackson ein nationaler Skandal. Genauso wie die Tatsache, dass man mit 18 in den Krieg ziehen darf, Alkohol trinken aber erst mit 21.

  7. Honestly- get off his bag – if that is the mindset he wants to choose it is his choice to make – im by no means prudish at all, but I can respect someone not wanting to participate in red light.
    Everybody has his/her set of rules or code of living or whatever you call it.
    I know, sometimes it’s hard to see one refusing something you see no problem with. But living with an open mind means also trying to understand his/her point of view.
    Silas is very religious and chose to set his code this way. Does he harm someone by that? I don’t think so. You can be aware of something without needing to participate in it.
    I’ve been to the red light district, did not close my eyes, but felt distressed and left pretty quickly. So I can empathize. Do I think it is not okay to have fun at the Reeperbahn – of course not. If it is your speed – go for it! But I kindly ask you to leave one who does not alone. Spread love – Reeperbahn or comment section ❤️

  8. On Reeperbahn there is nothing to be seen that would please your eyes or soul. It's basically just a shit hole.

    Sometimes it's the better experience to not have experienced certain things, because you can't make them undone.

    I feel it's like the lyrics in this german Wolfsheim song (Kein Zurück

    "Denn wie viel von dem was ich heute weiss, hätte ich lieber nie gesehen."

    PS: "SM Keller" literally just means = Sadomasochism cellar (or vault).

  9. Dialogue from the 2004 movie EuroTrip:

    Cooper: You know America was founded by prudes. Prudes who left Europe because they hated all the kinky, steamy European sex that was going on. And now I, Cooper Harris, will return to the land of my perverted forefathers and claim my birthright… which is a series of erotic and sexually challenging adventures.

    Scott: You've really thought a lot about this, haven't you?

    Cooper: It's my passion!

  10. Come on ease up on him, remember we come from North America and when we see ppl in the sex trade, it's usually as a result of severe abuse in childhood, or drugs, or outta desperation to avoid homelessness. Which is a real possibility if u late on rent. It's not so much for entertainment for us, some come from cities with a pimp on the corner forcing very young girls into it, they from Cali so I imagine the see the grim results?

  11. i recommended, like a lot of other ppl, to visit northern germany but i had it in my guts, that Pro7 does the casual touristic-thing (sex-shop, BDSM, whatever, shocking WOW, blah) for them. hope they get to explore some more on their own. Ostfriesland, introduce them to "Werner" and "Brösel" or a Shanty-Choir, Krabben pullen was zum Geier…heck, FKK, Sylt and St. Pauli are you kidding me.

    edit: go visit the country-side. get to know locals.
    edit2: fuck Pro7. 😀

  12. Sex toys can be very beneficial for relationships. Some women, for instance, need toys to be sexually satisfied. And for those who don't need them, toys can really spice things up. And I'm not even talking about anything too crazy here. If you guys don't want them in your relationship, that's of course completely fine. But do keep an open mind because toys have changed some people's lives for the better. 🙂

  13. Hamburg is not only St. Pauli and the red light district. It is the town with the most millionaires in Germany and therefore we have a lot of noble, fancy, clean and elegant districts here! Haven’t you seen the cityhall, the Alster (a river) and all the noble shops and hotels around?

  14. ''I experienced a lot of things and saw things that I have never seen before''…. but I actually still have never seen them or experienced them.. because I ran away or had my eyes closed while the experience was happening!! hahah you dudes crack me up sometimes.. haha

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