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Even though it is set in the Metal Gear Universe, Metal Gear Revengeance is not really similar to Metal Gear Solid games. Platinum Games is a studio that thrives on its own absurdity and the game on many levels manages to show that. However, that does not affect the gameplay at all. The story starts as a lucid tale of terrorism in the future but then take sharp turns to evolve into an adventure that has crazy scientist and evil robot gorillas. It still is a great melee combat game with unique mechanics. You are going to fight against 20-foot robots with your cybernetic sword and that’s all really matters. Stylish and cool cutscenes make them worth watching instead of skipping them. There are dozens of different enemies to slaughter. Even though the combat seems really fast-paced, it is not a button smashing game. You can decide between light and heavy attacks to perform different combos. Blade mode is also great, which allows you to slow time and slash your enemies into dozens of pieces with precision. Unlockable VR missions offer more gameplay and allow you to try different combos. Overall Metal Gear Rising Revengeance is a must-buy the game for anyone who loves melee combat games.

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