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I’ve been a significant admirer of Patagonia equipment for a long time now and not long ago started getting into their path working line. Very last calendar year I remember listening to rumors of a new path shoe that would sport a cushioned midsole and light-weight, flexible higher. When they introduced the EVERlong, I acquired thrilled. When they talked about that ultramarathon tremendous-star, Jeff Browning, had a hand in it can be generation, I acquired Seriously thrilled.

Now that I’ve set very a couple miles in the Everlong, I can say devoid of a doubt that I seriously enjoy the shoe. I liken it to a authentic path model of the Saucony Kinvara, and we all know how a great deal I enjoy that as a street shoe. The midsole is plush, but not to the detriment of floor-come to feel. The higher is slender, long lasting, and relaxed as all get-up. The shoe is flexible and speedy. I just enjoy it.

The only authentic downsides deal with the EVA getting rid of some of its plushness prematurely (a structure component Jeff LIKES), the simple fact the outsole is minimal in its capacity to operate on ALL terrains/climate problems, and that the higher does not incorporate a ton of structural things to seriously lock down my foot.

Regardless, I nevertheless pretty a great deal enjoy this shoe. It truly is good for likely extensive, likely speedy, and having pleasurable. It truly is uncomplicated and I like it. Go through the entire overview at

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  1. +The GingerRunner

    Howdy – New to posting on YouTube but am greatly enjoying your reviews. Thank you!

    I have loved the Everlongs for 3 pairs now (I recommended them to at least 4 people, all of who loved the shoes and now hate my guts because they're gone), but with the demise of Patagonia's footwear division am at a loss for what's next.

    I loved the original Brooks PureGrit, and HATED the PureGrit2, now trying (albeit not very enjoyably) the PureGrit3. It feels a bit too 'hard' and 'stiff' on my feet and is actually causing some hip pain. It's much better than the 2 but, and admittedly viewing all things historically with a bit of nostalgia, it's not nearly the 1/original.

    Is there something similar to the Everlong you might recommend?

  2. I'm just wondering about a company product site. Cant find any online company info. They make shoes but do not show them on there site or any other site linked to them. Whats up with that?

  3. Ethan,
        I love, love, LOVE the Everlong! My new favorite shoe!  Jeff Browning nailed this one! Thanks for the review…inspired me to give it a try. 
    I also run in the Kinvara 4, Pearl Izumi Trail NI and Road N1, and the Montrail Fluid Flex II; the Everlong has quickly become my favorite of all!
           Kim Wrinkle

  4. Just got these shoes and I love them, but just found out that Patagonia will no longer be making shoes after 2014, so that really sucks. I was ready to make these my shoes for a long time, but don't want to fall in love with a shoe that won't be around much longer.

  5. great review! Have you tried the inov8 Trailroc? I have a pair and I can't praise them enough! Low drop, wide toe box, great grip and comfortable

  6. I agree that Patagonia needs to round the front of the Everlong but I do not agree that the Kinvara and the Everlong are the same…sadly the Kinvara has a very strange shaped toe box and I cannot wear them. It is very pointy and my big toe rubs the side of the shoe. Would be nice if Saucony changed that because the cushion underneath the forefront would be very wonderful :0).

  7. Tried these shoes last week and I agree with Ginger on the little loose in the heal, but they are great when you tie it well midway. Also a little bit slippery when wet, but ok when you know it. I picked the nicer colors tho 🙂

  8. Hi Ethan. I really liked this review. I have been on a quest to find some trail shoes similar to Kinvara. What is your experience with Montrail Fluidflex II? I Think you should post a review of those if possible. Super channel BTW – I really enjoy it! Cheers from Denmark

  9. If it is very similar to the Kinvara, I am already worried about the slim and pointy toe box, if Patagonia did a toebox more similar to the NB MT10, then we are talking about!  😛

  10. Would love to try these out cause I love the Kinvara… but 4/5 on looks?  No way!  Those mugs need some help in the looks department LOL

  11. The Everlong was the shoe that got me through the winter. I am an aircraft mechanic and with our. Brutal cold MN winter, most of my runs we're limited to an aircraft hangar, a hard, concrete, hard, small, hard aircraft hangar. Did I mention it was hard? The Everlong taught me to run efficiently but had just enough cushioning to take the sting away. I agree with all your likes and dislikes. Great shoe!

  12. Another great review! It seems like when there are more than one color scheme of a shoe, you always end up reviewing the lesser of the choices. (In terms of looks) I don't know if that made any sense, but if it did, then can you please answer why?  

  13. If you´re looking for something similar to the Kinvara 4 applied to trail running, you should try the Saucony Peregrine 4. I really love them. Is a difficult comparation  but I guess that is the most similar experience, 

  14. I switched into the EVERlongs half way through the American River 50 -miler a couple weeks ago and I was not disappointed. The pliable upper and extremely comfortable under – foot material were much appreciated when swelling kicked in. I really enjoy these shoes.

  15. finally, a HYBRID.. whats the farthest you have in them in a single long run?.. im curious about the cushioning if it can perform for us mere mortals in lets say a 65km ultra?.. btw, i think the MERRELL ALL OUT FUSE is a good HYBRID also, i would like it if you have any reliable feedbacks on them on how they perform..

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