Patagonia Black Hole Duffel Bag Review (60L)

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This is a critique of the Patagonia Black Hole Duffel Bag (I believe in the 60L size). This is my favored minimum travel duffel bag.

Textual content critique + particulars ➡

The backpack straps on the duffel are astonishingly comfortable… and you can healthy SO A great deal stuff in this little bag. As well as, it is really lightweight, the perfect duffel bag for travel.

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  1. For some reason they stop petting those handles without changing anything else about the bag. There must be a reason why. I have heard people say that they did not like padded handles.

  2. Patagonia has excellent quality – I still like to use my (classic non black-hole) MLC 45 for the rough travel in Africa, but while I was looking for a duffel to carry some extra stuff picked up in the States, I actually went for the REI Big Haul 60l. It’s considerably less expensive, very light (similar to Patagonia It feels. Has better organisation – the bigger internal pocket even fits my…. you know … business papers. Carry straps have a number of positions and easily adjustable and the backpacking straps can be stowed away in a pocket – makes it easier to use as a checked bag. In terms of looks it has more of a utilitarian vibe. Only thing that does not seem to work (may be the same with the Patagonia) is to fold it back into the stowing pouch… which now doubles as a shoe / dirty clothes bag… Great review as always!!

  3. Hey Chase, thanks for the informative video! I was thinking of using this bag for a trip to Africa, because it meets their specs for the type of bag I can bring. I was hoping to do the trip carry-on only. Since I'm flying there right after a trip to Italy, do you think I'd have any trouble with this as a carry-on with a european airline/some smaller planes in Africa? Also, do you think I can fit about 2 weeks worth in it? Thanks!

    I was also eyeing the Patagonia MLC. Thoughts?

  4. What kind of weight do you get into your 60L when you fully pack it? I got the 90L for a 4 week trip and I'm worried about the 20kg weight limit

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